Stallion orgasm caused by guide enjoyment associated with willy. This paper states the use of a procedure for selection of sperm from stallions by hands-on stimulus with the knob as stallion is erect

Stallion orgasm caused by guide enjoyment associated with willy. This paper states the use of a procedure for selection of sperm from stallions by hands-on stimulus with the knob as stallion is erect


This document states the use of a process for number of sperm from stallions by hands-on stimulus with the manhood while stallion happens to be standing upright. Our personal using using this method with 18 stallions of numerous centuries and kinds sperm collection enjoy suggests that using this method is likely to be a competent replacement for standard sperm range applications using a synthetic pussy and stimulation mare or dumbbell bracket mare. Our observations, together with those of other individuals who need tried using the manual approach, declare that both animals and handlers is quickly trained to take advantage of this approach. Minimal reports indicates that semen trials received by manual enjoyment can be like those obtained utilizing a fabricated vagina.

Key phrases: equine, stallion, semen compilation, synthetic insemination

The writers wish to give thanks to Drs. R.M. Kenny and Sue M. McDonnell of Hoffman facility for Reproductive research, University of Pennsylvania college of Veterinary Medicine, for aid in cooking of these manuscript.


Some means, most notably condom, genital sponge and unnatural vagina, have already been useful for number of sperm from stallions (1). These days, many widely recommended method is the synthetic snatch with a mare or dummy install. Profitable collecting semen making use of a fabricated pussy with the stallion sitting on the soil got not too long ago noted (2). Since 1965, we certainly have utilized a straight straightforward method for collecting semen within the stallion using handbook stimulation of the penis, and possessing a throwaway silicone case within the end of the manhood to trap the climax. This system slowly develop during our first year of using unnatural breeding on a small, remote farm, exactly where semen choice merchandise wasn’t easily obtainable. At first, all of us attempted to form a home-made Mississippi design fake pussy (3) making use of a latex silicone hose occluded at one extreme by two sticks and foam rubber underlay. While manipulating this thin unit, all of us found that hands-on pressure used on the penis elicited pelvic thrusting and ejaculation, even before the stallion mounted the mare. Appropriately, we all proceeded to accumulate sperm from stallions by manual excitement and also by substituting a plastic bag for that synthetic pussy. We all persisted to utilize this technique which remains our personal favored technique for acquiring semen for the artificial insemination and sperm freezing training.


Plastic bags of varied options happen to be successfully implemented. A bag should lengthen 8 to 12 in. in the shot associated with the manhood and be big enough when it comes to glans manhood to completely engorge. You should incorporate a bag composeded of product that is certainly certainly not harmful to semen. Most of us at Asexual dating for free present make use of 6″ by 10″ polyethylene (1.5 mil) bags (Bel-Art Products, Pequannock, NJ). Besides the case, most of us use a 500-ml synthetic squeeze bottles stuffed with tepid water (48 to 52 C), which is used to wash the penis and to welcoming the hands associated with driver before manipulation.

The stallions is definitely triggered to realize a bigger, but is not able to install. Some horses will behave sufficiently to a mare or gelding delivered at a distance, or a quick look-see at a mare or gelding strolling past a doorway; other individuals respond properly to a dummy mare; and others will respond within stalling into the user rubbing the pony’s upper body, belly, wing or thigh. We’ve got additionally used an in vitro olfactory stimulation (the urine of an estrous mare offered on a paper soft towel) to arouse a stallion for selection of semen. This stimulation appears to get the job done specially actually with youthful, new stallions. We now have found that intensely excited stallions typically forget to behave positively to manipulation. Therefore, our intention is actually to present the very least amount of pleasure to produce and keep maintaining erectile.

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